R0 exam results


R0 exam results

Ro exam results – which are the easier exams?

Each R0 exam his it’s own individual challenges and I’ll explore these in this article. The R0 exam results will be of interest to anyone who is looking to sit these exams so it is worth while going into this with your eyes open.

We provide MP3 audio talking books for seven of the eight R0 exam subjects so we’ll stick to looking at just these subjects.

Are all the R0 exams the same style/format?

You could be forgiven for thinking that this should be a straightforward question. It isn’t. Only Ro5 (Financial Protection) and R08 (Pensions Update) use only the standard format multiple choice question. This means that you will be given a question followed by four options and only one of these will be correct.  Ro6 (Financial Planning Practice) is a written paper – and not a multiple choice question to be seen anywhere.

The other subjects – R01, R02 R03 and R04 all use the standard format multiple choice questions, and the much harder variant – the multiple response question. So how does this format of question differ? Instead of four options, you will get usually 5 or 6 options and more than one answer will be correct. To get a mark, you have to identify all the correct answers.

What are the Ro exam results?

Exam 2016 2015 2014
R01 57.01% 58.71% 59.41%
R02 57.92% 54.00% 55.99%
R03 50.46% 50.90% 54.55%
R04 54.07% 49.53% 54.09%
R05 72.11% 71.25% 68.73%
R06 73.23% 71.27% 67.56%
R08 83.75% 92.51% N/A

Source: CII website

What conclusions can we draw from this?

R01 – Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics.

In terms of R0 exam results, this is the third hardest R0 exam. This is partly because the regulations side of things – particularly to people new to the profession – is quite wide ranging. Many students find the content a little dull.  The exam has 100 questions and 13 of these are those pesky multiple response questions.

R02 – Investment Principles and Risk.

This is the fourth hardest exam statistically although there will be many people who would say it is harder than this. Again, the syllabus is huge and you will need to get your head around it. This exam is also 100 questions but 28 of these are multiple response. Many people regard a 50% success rate with this type of questions as being good going. So you can start to see why it is a difficult exam.

R03 – Personal Taxation.

Statistically, this is the most challenging subject. There are 50 questions and 11 of these are multiple response questions.  You’ll find with R03, you won’t be leaving the exam early. There is a lot to do in an exam that lasts only one hour.

R04 – Pensions and Retirement Planning.

In terms of R0 exam results, this is the second most difficult exam.  Like R03, it’s a one hour exam, there are 50 questions and 11 of these are multiple response questions.  The challenge with R04 is the subject matter – pensions is a subject that causes confusion for many new and more experienced people.

R05 – Financial Protection.

For exam sitters, this is one of the easier subjects. There’s still a broad syllabus but protection products such as critical illness and income protection are relatively straightforward. And, of course, there are no multiple response questions.

R06 – Financial Planning Practice.

The statistics say that this is one of the more straightforwards R0 exams. It is but only if you get your head around the technique that you will need. This is a written exam that is based on two case studies that are issued 2 weeks before the exam. I’ve met few people who walked out of the exam thinking they’d failed this exam yet 27% do.  Be prepared to put some hard yards in within two weeks before the exam.

R08 – Pensions Update.

The easiest exam, but it isn’t one of the exams you will need to pass to get the Diploma in Regulated Financial  Planning. This exam is focused just on the Pension Freedoms that were introduced in April 2015. This exam lasts an hour and consists of 45 questions.

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