R06 Podcasts

R06 Podcasts

When it comes to passing the CII’s R06 exam, your technique is just as important as your technical knowledge.  This must sound like a really strange statement but for many people who sit R06, it’s true.

Fact: you will receive the two R06 case studies two weeks before the exam. In an exam, most people worry about whether they have enough knowledge. But as the case studies will give you an indication of what technical areas you need to read around before the exam, this is less of an issue with R06.

Fact: most people who fail R06 will fail by around 5% of the marks. Having trained thousands of people to get through the R06 exam, we know that it is technique that they struggle with. It is very easy in R06 to NOT answer the question the examiners’ set.

To help with this, we’ve produced two podcasts that each last around 7 minutes. They DON’T cover the specific content of the R06 exam that you are sitting.

These R06 podcasts DO look at what to do IN the exam. And they do look at the different types of questions used in R06 and how the examiners expect you to answer them.

Podcast 1

How to answer R06 exam questions using the FAROE acronym to understand what a question is asking you
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Podcast 2

What to do in the R06 exam – The eight golden rules

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You can download the above two podcasts free of charge.

You can also visit our MP3 page

Our excellent audio material gives a much deeper insight into R06, helping you to learn on the go. In around four hours of material, we look at the types of areas tested previously in the R06 exam and include lots of exam-style questions.
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