Five top tips for R0 exam success – part 1


Five top tips for R0 exam success – part 1

Notes from a student who passed his CII R0 exams

Before I begin sharing some tips that helped me pass my R0 exams, I thought it’s only fair if I briefly introduce myself. Well to start, I’m 23 years old, studied Geography at university and I took a job at a wealth management firm two months after graduating. I really had no prior knowledge of financial services and had to complete my R0 Exam studies whilst holding down a full time job working as a para-planner. I have five main tips that helped me to get through my R0 exams and I’ll cover the first three here, and the remaining two in the next blog.

If you want to know the current pass rates for each R0 exam, click here and scroll down the page it takes you to.

Tip One – Make a plan

• This is the most obvious tip for any exam, but despite this it is a tip I’ve usual ignored throughout my education.
• It is essential when studying, particularly whilst working full-time. Make a plan and stick to it!
• Only you will know what the correct plan is, as only you will know how much work you can do a day without switching off. Only you will know what works for you, and what doesn’t. Success is as much about how effective your study as it is how much you do.
• Create a plan that allows you to work at your own pace, and get your exam booked as soon as you have created your revision plan. Once you have an exam date booked, it’s a real motivator to get you revising!

Tip Two – Work/life balance

• Drawing from personal experience, I felt I could do more revision than I actually could. This resulted in me feeling stressed outside of work, made me more stressed at work and ultimately led to me failing a couple of exams.
• My advice would be give yourself Friday nights off and make sure you continue with any sports and hobbies.
• Revising is important and necessary, but it should not become your life. If you are filled with dread and anxiety every time you open up that revision book, you are fighting an uphill battle. In most cases, it will mean you won’t pass.

Tip Three – Mix up revision techniques

• This is a good way of not becoming bored whilst revising.
• Conventional methods of revising include highlighting, note taking, creating spider diagrams, using flip cards, and doing past questions.
• Two slightly different revision techniques I found useful was listening to Audio revision material, which helped me learn in a more informal setting whilst driving to work. Click here if you are interested in more details
• The other revision technique I found incredibly helpful was when people asked me questions, just going through the textbook and finding something to test me on.
• A colleague, a friend or anyone could do this, but this really helped me. Quite simply I don’t like to get things wrong. So if I get things wrong I remember it, and that’s what revision is all about. Make as many mistakes as you can before the actual R0 exam!

In the next blog, I’ll cover the remaining two tips.

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Sam Patterson


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